Andean Star provides the freshest and highest quality superfoods, from the rich Andes mountains to your home. Shop for organic quinoa, maca, cacao, yacon syrup, tara gum and bundles. If you’re looking to stock up, you can always buy bulk. We’re dedicated to providing the highest quality gluten-free and non-GMO goodness, from our family to yours!

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For almost 20 years we have partnered with the co-ops and local farmers of our communities, working together to bring to you the finest ingredients.

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The finest and freshest non-GMO ingredients from the same nature we grew up in.

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The highest quality superfoods have the richest nutrition, promoting longevity and superior wellness. We hope you enjoy the fruit of our lands.

Andean Star takes part in every step; from the farm, to the preparation, to you.

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From the pristine Andes mountains to the diverse Amazon jungles.

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Our heritage: Andean farmers and co-ops harvest from these unique lands.

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Single source: prepared in our world-class certified facility in Peru.

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We give back to the local children in our community through our charitable foundation Happy Little Faces.


In 2012, we created from scratch a pre-school and daycare center for the local impoverished children in our community. Our school provides free education, school supplies, and food to the students so that the next generation of Peruvians can start their lives off well.


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