The products categorized as “superfoods” are known especially for the health benefits that they offer when consumed in their various presentations. The value proposition usually lies either in the high nutrient content of the product or its antioxidant properties. Its health contributions can include being a source of fiber, increased energy, or its overall ability to improve health and well-being for consumers.

These superfoods are known as the “fruit of wealth in Peru,” a country where natural resources are unsurpassed. Peru is one of 5 countries with the greatest known biodiversity on the planet. In other words, Peru has the ideal conditions to produce superfoods of unbeatable quality, with exquisite flavors as well as subtle aromas for the demanding global market.

We produce our organic products in a modern processing plant with very specialized equipment to ensure the highest quality performance, efficacy, and consistency so that our customers can receive an identical ingredient.

  • Quinoa seeds: 2 years
  • Tara gum: 2 years
  • Yacon syrup: 2 years
  • Maca powder: 18 months
  • Cacao powder: 18 months
  • Cacao nibs: 18 months
  • Dried goldenberries: 18 months
  • Gluten-free baking flour: 18 months
Our products are allergen free.

Due to our products being sold on Amazon, Andean Star Corporation does not accept returns.  All returns must be handled directly through Amazon.