Superfoods fight off inflammation! Here’re a few recommendations…

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Did you know controlling inflammation effectively leads to improved muscle gain as well as enhanced fat loss? When you are done working out at the gym, you typically experience tenderness in your muscles. This tenderness usually lasts for hours or a couple of days, tops. This is your body is telling you to relax, so it can mend itself for getting stronger and better. Part of this recovery process is inflammation, which occurs throughout your body as the body heals itself.  This inflamation, and the impact it has on your body, should not be ignored.

Inflammation is the protective mechanism of your immune system that works against foreign substances, infection, and injury. This inflammation process is crucial to heal your muscles, so you could get back to your recovered self again. However, if you are experiencing too much inflammation, it could prove devastating to the body and in fact breakdown your tissues, eventually weakening the gains. Therefore, instead of extending the rest, you should try to keep the inflammation at bay. Did you know that certain superfoods can treat inflammation? If you are into building muscles, and want to  improve your body’s inflammatory response, take a quick look below:

Cacao Powder – Just an ounce stirred into your morning smoothie

Andean Star Cacao PowderCacao powder contains flavonoids which help decrease inflammation throughout the body. It also has a large quantity of potassium, which reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by diminishing lower body stress and inflammation of cells.



Dense with joint-nurturing healthy fats and bulk-developing protein, salmon happens to be one of the most effective anti-inflammatory foods. Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids that are shown to lessen inflammation in your body.

Quinoa – fights off bloating and inflammation

Organic Quinoa powder

Food can cause inflammation in your body, which is better treated sooner than  later.  Alcohol and sugary treats act as slow-killers, hence you need a balance of complex carbs, healthy fats, and high-quality proteins in your foods. Quinoa is one of the most effective anti-inflammatory superfoods which is packed full of everything needed to prevent or reduce inflammation in your body. Besides, quinoa can be made into a variety of delicious recipes.

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