Organic Superfood Powder – A Trendier, Healthier And Exquisite Food Kind Amongst Gen-Z

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Types Of Superfoods

Good nutrition is key to building blocks for a supremely healthy body. Foods you consume have the potential to nourish your cells and are your nutritional insurance policy to feel energized, perform better and live longer.

Superfoods are often labeled as “five-star foods” for they have a special ability to help develop good health. They provide your body with whopping dollops of fiber and antioxidants to boost your immune system, so your body can fight ailments such as diabetes, obesity, insulin sensitivity, and cardiovascular disease, and also feel great and good. The goal is to add a variety of superfoods to your daily diet along with daily exercise and full night sleep, hence you will look great and feel super fantastic for years to come.

What is superfood powder?

Consuming superfood powder is a powerful way to provide your body nutrients and a balanced meal as you leave for work. Superfood powders are only fruits and vegetables in powder form which help create high antioxidant and nutrient-dense food products that support your optimum health.

Difference between organic superfoods and traditional superfood powder

Many traditional superfood powders happen to be gluten-free and yet containing fillers and additives. Most of these powders are spray-dried which involves heating process as well as stimulated with synthetic ingredients, eventually killing the nutritional content.

Organic superfood products are nutritionally much superior to the traditional ones as they are packed with tons of organic vegetable berries which are loaded with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds, and vitamins to protect your health against a variety of ailments. They also work as a potent prebiotic for nutrient absorption and healthy digestion. Andean Star Organic Superfood Powders are perfect for your whole family. They are high in antioxidants and they support better sports performance and skin. Organic superfoods are actually ‘perfect’ when paired with good sleep habits and workout.

Ingredients that are never supposed to be found in an organic superfood powder

Artificial sweeteners

Commonest artificial sweeteners typically used are xylitol, saccharin (954), or sucralose. Different harmful side effects could be caused by ingesting the aforementioned ingredients including migraines, headaches, gastric problems such as acid reflux and bloating.

Artificial flavors

Food sensitivities to additives could cause a range of illnesses including mood swings, headaches, and skin conditions.

Dextrins and fillers

All these ingredients typically increase glycemic load eventually contributing to your digestive disturbances. Most of these are processed with Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) corn, which could cause gastrointestinal distress in certain people. They are often incorporated into protein and superfood powders to bulk them out and save dollars for many producers.


Food sensitivities to gluten could aide in the inflammation in some individuals, ultimately causing a variety of health issues including skin conditions, mood swings, headaches, and hormonal imbalances.

Benefits of organic superfood powders

They can help with your weight loss program (if you’re on any)

Organic superfood powders are the perfect supplements of wholefood that provide your body 30% of regular intake of vegetables and fruits, so you stay healthy. Mixed with protein it could work more effectively in regulating your appetite, encouraging weight loss, and increasing satiety. If you are considering replacing any of your meals, blend one serve of our organic maca powder with your evening cookies or morning smoothies and you’re good to seize the day.

Organic superfood powders help strengthen your immune system

They provide a high dose of antioxidants from whole foods which are easily absorbed by your body – especially better when your immunity has been compromised. If quality nutrient is deficient in your body, it could lead to immune cell depletion, disabling your body to make antibodies and resulting in immune-related problems.

Organic superfood powder energize your body

They provide scrumptious nutrient-loaded energy boost pre and post-workout. They also help enhance your mental awareness and ability to focus on both during and after training sessions.

Organic superfood powders support digestive health, gut health

Loaded with prebiotics, the organic superfood powder promotes healthy bowel movement and balanced gut flora. Be sure to mix with our Organic cacao powder as researches also reveal that Crohn’s disease patients need protein supplement for example WPI to help minimize leaky gut or gut inflammation. This as well helps build or restore a strong gut barrier.

They are anti-aging

Healthy skin begins from within and all meals are an opportunity to contribute to the process. Andean Star’s organic superfood powders are rich in antioxidants which provide structure and strength to your skin and are vital for firmness and elasticity. They will also help improve skin hydration.

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