Need to cut off chocolate from your diet? We may have a healthy alternative for you.

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Organic cacao powder

The nutrition of chocolate and cacao are different as these are processed differently. The processing of chocolate makes it less healthy with lower quantity of nutrient. Cacao, on the other hand, is wholesome and the purest form of chocolate. It is rich in fiber, protein, iron and magnesium. Chocolate comes with added sugar, which makes it detrimental to your health. While even  ¼ ounce of cacao can do wonders for your body, chocolate does the complete opposite and contributes to weight gain.

Here’s why you must gradually cut off chocolate from your diet

High calories: Chocolates are full of calories. A one and a half  ounce bar puts 235 calories into your body right away. This is high when compared to other snacks. Eating high-calorie foods often leads to obesity. Exercising and burning calories consumed through chocolates is harder. It takes more than an hour of  high intensity workout sessions combined with cardio just to burn 150-170 calories, which is not even close to 235 calories from the chocolate bar.

Sugar dense: The flavor that you love in chocolate is attained not only through chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, lecithin, vanilla, but also through sugar. A regular serving of chocolate contains one ounce of sugar.

Decays teeth faster: Eating chocolate can accelerate tooth decay. Cavities in children are mainly because of the consumption of chocolate and other sweets.

Lack of vitamins and minerals: Chocolates are not a significant source of vitamins and minerals. They only provide less than 8% of daily recommend intake of calcium and 2% of your daily iron intake; whereas cacao powder can do wonders for your health.

Why switch to cacao powder?

Lowers blood pressure: Cacao powder is rich in ‘flavonoids,’ which help lower  blood pressure and improve blood flow to the heart and brain.

Reduces the risk of diabetes: Flavonoids nutrients help increase insulin sensitivity, lowering the risk of diabetes.

Reduces inflammation: Flavonoids in cacao powder keep tabs on inflammation throughout your body, and could eventually lessen the risk of arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and depression, which is very common  today.

Nutritional value in cacao powder: cacao provides more nutrition than chocolate. It is a healthier substitute in a variety of recipes. Cacao is a brilliant source of Protein, Iron, Potassium, Fiber and Magnesium – which is why it is also called ‘a superfood.’

Nutrients per serving:

1-ounce of cacao powder contains:

  • 24-ounce of Protein
  • 21-ounce of Fat
  • 45-ounce of Carbs
  • 28-ounce of Fiber
  • 0-ounce Sugar

How to eat cacao powder

Many vegan recipes can be prepared with cacao powder because of its nutrition-density and non-tampered processing. Making a switch should be easy because, apart from the nutty flavor, there’s not much difference in taste that would make you think  you are not eating chocolate.

Cacao is best complemented with morning smoothies or evening shakes. However, you will need to increase the quantity of milk or water since cacao  absorbs more liquid than cocoa powder.

Andean Star is committed to offering the best quality and organically grown superfoods across the United States. Of our bestselling products, which include quinoa, yacon syrup, maca powder, brazil nuts and a few more, cacao powder tops the list, because it’s raw, organic and available at a great price.

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