Let’s not make this year any more unhealthy than it is already. EAT RIGHT this holiday season

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The season for festivity, family, friends and food is around-the-corner, and the only thing that we can have control over is ‘foods.’ Holidays mean lots and lots of food and there’s no one telling you what to eat and what not to. Well, no one should, because there cannot be any bigger excuse than “it’s Thanksgiving, pal.”

However, what if we are able to share some easy-to-pull-off food tips while you enjoy your holiday meals? We believe that you can eat right during holiday season and still enjoy the time with your friends and family.

Proof your diet plan

You might not be in charge of what food will be served while others gobble down some lip-smacking delicacies; but you can –

  • Eat close to your typical diet as possible. In case your meal is served later than your usual meal time, keep some nuts and dried berries, e.g. goldenberries handy to binge on until the food is served.
  • Invited to a Thanksgiving party? Go and look if there is anything close to healthy foods available. For. Example – Swap rice with quinoa and enjoy your turkey.

Always outwit the buffet

You will be offered a large selection of delicious foods, but you will want to make a healthier choices. Here is how:

  • Eat a very small amounts of food that you like the most and slowly walk away from the buffet area
  • There must be vegetables available on the buffet table – start with them. It will edge off your appetite
  • Avoid it completely or have small amounts of alcohol.

Try to fit in your favorites

  • We don’t believe in putting any food on the wicked list. Rather, we suggest you to opt for foods you can’t resist yourself from eating and what you might not avail any other time of the year. While you do so, make sure you are being careful about the portion, because too much of butter-dipped chicken roast along with wine can add those extra pounds you lost over the span of 6 months.

Go for a morning walks at least, if not able to work out at the gym

It’s important for your body to get exercise and sweat a bit, especially during the holiday season as your plates are always full. It doesn’t seem quite possible for everybody to eat only what’s right, but you can eat close to what’s right.

Going out for a morning walk will work wonders during the well-worn holiday season. The endorphins in your brain will sense an accomplishment from squeezing a workout.  So even if it’s a short one, it will allow you to take advantage of the mood-boosting benefits of a run.

We wish you a happy and healthy holiday season!

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