How Sorted Your Life Is Often Decided By How Sorted Your Kitchen Is – Some Kitchen Tricks And Tips For You

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kitchen tricks and tips

The kitchen is the most important and attractive part of a home and you sure want it to be in its best condition when you work there. Regardless of whether you are single or having a family, there are some kitchen necessities that you can’t overlook or ignore. You need to eat to survive, and in the process, you will want to ensure a well-maintained kitchen.

Vegetables, meat, fish, and other dry food items are an integral part of any kitchen and they need proper maintenance to remain fresh and good to eat. Thus, today, we will be discussing some lesser-known kitchen tricks and tips if you are looking forward to moving into your own house to live on your own, because Mom and Grammy cannot always be around.

Tupperware containers – how do you get rid of its odor?

While some use vinegar to get rid of that odor, we recommend something different – crumple up some newspapers and stuff them into each container. Keep it that way overnight. Next morning, throw away the newspapers and wash the containers thoroughly because newspapers aren’t clean. The odor will be gone by then.

Did you know you can put off bubbling over with a wooden spoon?

We often watch the milk boiling over and spill just like some other food items, such as boiling lentils. Sometimes, standing right next to the boiling pot doesn’t come easy because of many other house chores you handle at the same time. Here’s what you can do in such case – put a wooden spoon across the rim and wind up your other house chores without a worry. This trick will also settle the frothy bubbles for you. Clever!?

Got a stain on your stainless steel?

Put some rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and wipe off the utensil with it. Your stainless steel will again be clean and shining as new.

Got dirty vegetables?

A fool-proof way to clean your vegetable in one go is by running them through the dishwasher. Yes, it works. However, be sure there is no soap or detergent powder in the machine. The machine will simply rinse all your dirty vegetables. And, you can then store them inside the refrigrator.

Microwave often gets that unbearable fishy stink– how do you get rid of that smell?

Here’s what Andean Star has got to suggest – soak your dishrag in some dish soap, leave it inside for about an hour. Then, wipe the walls of your microwave with it and your microwave will start smelling fresh once again. The fish smell that’s been plaguing you around for sometimes now, is now gone. Repeat the same trick the next time you microwave a fish.

Did you know filing the cookie sheet would have made your life easier than ever?

Using a proper filing system to keep the baking sheets in an orderly fashion will make your life much easier than before. What is better than not having to climb up to the top shelf of your cabinet to get the cookie baking sheets?

How do you soak up eggs?

If you drop a raw egg (although it is the most uncommon kitchen problem), sprinkle some salt right over the remnants. It will help soak up the egg whites. Yeah, science!

Got a dirty copper utensil?

Did you know copper utensils can be cleaned with ketchup? Put some ketchup on a cloth and wipe the utensil with it. Rinse the utensil in warm water and you’re good to use it again.

Got a gross dishwashing sponge?

Microwaving it for a few seconds will help it come clean again.

Cooking oil to your rescue

Making something that needs a sticky ingredient? You know what you can do to avoid all the mess that a sticky ingredient could potentially make in the process – coat the inside of the supposed container with cooking oil and save yourself the energy afterward while cleaning.

So, these have been some of the kitchen tricks and tips that you can use in your new home while helping your family grow happily and healthily.

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