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Just as promised, here we are with the health benefits of our bestselling products –

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Superfood has been gaining in popularity from the past few years, thanks to all the gym freaks, a variety of nutritionists, dieticians, and the growing diet brands – the importance of superfood have now reached people from all age groups. However, the only concern is – not all superfoods available are good as they claim. Because of the soaring demand for a superfood, today many offer unhealthy superfood supplements through aggressive marketing. You must not fall for any such claim.

Andean Star, i.e. we, deals in a range of organic superfood supplements. We are the manufacturer as well as the supplier of our products across the U.S.A. Having originally hailed from the mountains of Peru, we have always taken in the 100% satisfaction of our customers from all over the US.

The superfood market is growing around the world. With people taking interest in its health benefits, superfoods are evidently making to the top shelves of one in five families in the United States. We, being one of the fastest-growing and expanding superfood manufacturers and suppliers in the US, bring to you a range of organic superfood supplements. Our bestsellers include organic maca powder, cacao powder, and organic quinoa (available in a variety of colors).

Today, we will be narrowing down the health benefits of all three superfoods, so you can then decide for yourself.

Let’s start with –

Health Benefits Of Organic Quinoa

The existence of quinoa amongst mankind dates back to four thousand years ago when the Incas (of the Incan Empire – the largest empire in pre-Columbian America) came to realize that this seed is safe for human consumption. With centuries passing by, new research and studies taking place – the human race has been exposed to many more health benefits of quinoa, and today we are just going to discuss what they are –

  1. Quinoa packs in protein with all nine essential amino acids.
  2. It loads up 50% more fiber than most grains we consume. What fiber does is it relieves constipation and helps prevent heart disease as quinoa reduces diabetes and high BP. Moreover, fiber reduces glucose levels and cholesterol and might also lower the risk of developing any hemorrhoids.
  3. Quinoa packs in iron which helps keep your red blood cells functioning healthily and is also the basis of your hemoglobin making. Iron happens to carry oxygen between cells and also supply oxygen to the muscles for their contraction. Besides, iron boosts brain functioning because the brain takes 20% of your blood oxygen.
  4. Quinoa has lysine, which is mainly vital for your tissue’s growth and repair.
  5. Quinoa is magnesium-dense. Magnesium helps relax your blood vessels and so to reduce migraines. Magnesium also lowers Type 2 diabetes by encouraging healthy blood sugar control.
  6. Quinoa comes loaded with Riboflavin (B2). B2 boosts the energy metabolism within your muscle cells and brain and it popular for helping to create appropriate energy production in cells.
  7. Finally, quinoa is rich in manganese, which is an antioxidant and it prevents the damage of mitochondria at the time of energy production. Manganese also helps protect your red blood cells from free radicals.

Let’s proceed toward organic maca powder and its health benefits. While maca has already been gaining in popularity not just because of its range of health benefits, but also because of its easy incorporation into any recipe or diet plan. Maca can be incorporated into breakfast and dinner diet quite easily.

So, let’s hear about its benefits –

Maca has been a key part of Peruvian culture. It grows in the pristine altitude of the Andes Mountains in Peru. The healing powers of Maca have been a part of major discussions, scientific debates, researches, and studies. The studies have shown the wealth of health benefits maca has to offer us. Let’s find out!

  1. Maca boosts testosterone and fertility levels. As per a study published in 2002 in the Journal “Andrologia,” it was found that about 40% of men who took maca supplements for over three months reported a surge in virility between the eighth and twelfth weeks. While, on the other hand, the group which was on placebo reported no such progress on increase. Maca has been believed to boost sperm formation, mobility, and production in men.
  2. Maca boosts energy. Maca has a major positive impact on your mood, stamina, and energy levels and so it is widely recognized in sports and athletic fields.
  3. Takes care of prostate health. A majority of men suffer from prostatic hyperplasia – a common condition where the prostate gland gets enlarged. Many subsequent studies have shown that eating maca might help lower prostate enlargement. Maca is further believed to work on androgen receptors that are present in the prostate.
  4. Maca helps regulate our hormones too
  5. It also helps increase our learning power and memory retention. Maca has been commonly used by the natives of Peru to enhance cognitive ability in children.
  6. It is very good for our bone health. Maca packs in magnesium, calcium, silica, iron, and potassium that combined make your bones stronger and protect from common ailments.

Going forward, we will discuss the benefits of incorporating organic cacao powder into your daily diet.

In case you have never tried cacao before, make sure you can handle a taste that you might find a little bitter. When it comes to cacao powder, people mostly like to work their way up bit by bit increasing the percentage. With time, your palate will start adjusting with it.

Below are some of the easy-to-make food items that you can incorporate cacao powder into –

  • Raw brownies
  • Smoothies
  • Baked goods
  • Cacao bar
  • Chocolate milk
  • Hot chocolate
  • Snack bars

What are the health benefits of organic cacao powder?

  1. Cacao is rich in more calcium than cow’s milk.
  2. It densely packs in iron, antioxidants, and magnesium.
  3. Consuming cacao might help with problems such as stress, depression, heart health, and blood pressure.

Andean Star has been serving the community for years now. With a growing reputation across the U.S.A. and enriching product shelves, we wish you experience the best products and health with us.

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